Affordable PLM with Aras Innovator

Data and it's availability

Are your business data in an ever growing number of excel sheets?

Data should be typed once, be available and reliable.

We leverage your legacy data into PLM.

Domain driven usability

Your systems should be adapted to your processes and facilitate the complete value chain while collecting data so that trivial work can be automated. We initiate a creative collaboration between your business domain experts and our PLM professionals.

Processes and the digital tread

Specific industries and individual companies each have different needs and processes. Are your process and product data correctly structured and versioned? StubTEC -PLM enables you to trace the origin of successes and failures.

Insight and security

Collect all the valuable data your company produces and securely choose whom to share it with.

What can technologies like machine learning tell from your data?

Definition of StubTEC -PLM

StubTEC is an enterprise information - and communication systems development company, our approach is pragmatic, the solutions elegant.

The Product

Software that facilitates your optimal processes, while capturing the data your business will need in the future.


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