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StubTEC was created to empower small and middle size companies by Enterprise IT-systems. We utilize best practice -knowledge, acknowledged by company giants as to how to optimize processes using technology and methodology, with the intention of keeping track of information- and communication with a lifecycle perspective.

This (PLM) approach has been developed within giant product developing -companies, engineering businesses and construction businesses. StubTEC offers to function as part of the IT-department in small to middle size companies, for startup companies and for big companies which wants to do major changes in their processes and systems.

We at StubTEC know that it is in these companies our implementations have the greatest utilization We are easy to talk with and interested in learning about your business, in order to develop your PLM environment, letting your business exploit it full potential.


We want to make the benefits of PLM available to everybody! Everywhere!


We combine the enterprize-ways of thinking PLM with modern technology.


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Telephone: +45 61332820
E-mail: csm@stubtec.dk
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We're always interested in hearing your story.

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